As practicing architects, we find it all too common that the public does not fully appreciate the role that we play in the built environment.  Not only do we help to ensure the safety of the built environment, we also act as project leaders to ensure the aspirations of our clients and the community are realized in the built environment.  The work we do as Architects shapes not only streets, neighborhoods, and cities – but also the way we live.

As part of our firm’s community outreach, we have been working to educate the general public about Architects and the importance of good design.  One way we do this is by participating in the Denver Architectural Foundation’s Cleworth Architectural Legacy program.  As participants we go into elementary schools in the Denver Public School system to educate the students about architecture.

This year we have been working with Sheri Klemm’s 4th and 5th grade students at Valverde Elementary school.  The focus this year is on building structures.  We have a lot of fun with the students building straw and paper clip structures, newspaper tube geodesic domes, and paper buildings complete with structural frames and exterior skins.  Hopefully, in the process we have taught them a bit about design, teamwork, and the role of architects in the built environment.