Later the first day, we visited the Evelyn Grace Academy, designed by famed architect Zaha Hadid.  From the exterior there was no mistaking it was a Hadid project.  Combining sinewy curves with angled walls, the composition was striking.  We were all quite anxious to get inside to see if the interior arrangement was equally innovative. 

We started our visit in the Sports Hall – what we in the U.S. would call a gymnasium.  The most impressive feature was a large angled clerestory.  It started quite narrow at one corner and became progressively taller as it extended down the long wall of the space.  What was immediately apparent was that any ability to control the direct sunlight entering this space was marginal at best.  There appeared to be shade cloth window blinds at the heads of each window.  One of these was pulled down, but was hanging at a slight angle indicating some sort of malfunction.  Even through this one shade cloth, so much direct sunlight was pouring through that it would interfere with proper use of the space in a sporting event.

The interior as a whole exhibited strong detailing, consistent with the architectural theme.  Colors were quite muted and finish materials were ordinary.  One had the feeling that so much of the budget went into the exterior forms that not enough was left for durability inside.